Never too busy: day twenty-five

  • Day Twenty-Five: Ask someone out on a date.

This is more for you guys than for me, lol. But don’t pressure yourselves into thinking you have to ask someone of the opposite sex. If you want to, fine. If not, ask one of your friends. I go out on dates with my girls all the time. No homo. When I think of a date, I think of good times with someone I like. Whether it be with someone I’m attracted to or someone whose company I enjoy. Take it whichever way you want. Date your significant other and make it cute. Date your friend and make it fun. Date your child and make it sweet. I had two dates with my homegirls over the weekend. Still high off of that 😀


I asked my friend Mishael out on a lunch date. She responded, “ABSOLUTELY!”. Lol. Gotta love her. Lunch at Little Azio’s. Yum.

One thought on “Never too busy: day twenty-five

  1. hmmmm. 1. maybe i should start reading these at the beginning of my day….as opposed to the end.
    2. I read the subject line and froze
    3. I continued to read and appreciated the post

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