you know what…

to be honest with you, i just wanted to be with you. i have this bad habit of letting other people’s opinions or society dictate what is right or wrong. it has clouded my judgment. and really, i could’ve cared less for a title, as long as i knew that you were the only one i was with. i started feeling sad and guilty because you’ve done so much for me. you were always there. but i was there too. it didn’t matter the time or what i was doing, i’d adjust my life to be with you (as much as i hate to admit that). i acted out on my emotions, whether it was through a drunk phone call or not. i was irrational. maybe even a little crazy at times. but you knew how i felt about you. you knew that i cared. i’m not going to apologize about my decision. i acted based on what i thought was best. but i miss you everyday.

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