Never too busy: day six

  • Day Six: Brainstorm/strategize. Write out your future.
I know it’s hard to imagine what your life will be like two days from now much less five years from now but that’s why we plan. If you can dream it, write it out and take steps to making it a reality. “Write the vision, make it plain”.
My future:
Five years from now (I’ll be 31), I DO NOT want to still be paying my student loans. I’d love to be in a committed relationship. I want to travel and experience other cultures. So much to see and do!

2 thoughts on “Never too busy: day six

  1. Five years from now, I will be dancing and doing yoga on a regular basis again.
    My kids will be older (15, 10 and 5!) And I’d like to be in a position to be home with them more. Only in the office about 25 hours a week would be ideal. Setting the groundwork (paying dues) for that home/life balance now.

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