Never too busy: day three

  • Day Three: Attend a networking event (or network with someone).
I must admit, I planned this according to my schedule. You don’t have to attend an event but you can still network with someone. You’ve all heard that “it’s not what you know but who you know”. And with this raggedy economic (man, EFF all banks!), you gotta get your connections where you can. So if you don’t have somewhere to go, call someone in your line of business/interest and just bounce ideas off of them. Ask questions, find out their story. You never know who is able to help you.
And seriously, no one should be walking around without a business card. Although I don’t blog for money, my blog IS my brand. I am a blogger. Figure out what you’re known for and put it on a card. Gone are the days of putting your number on a random piece of paper. Oh, and I love MOO cards. Check them out. Save the environment.
So I got my days mixed up. The event was on Tuesday, not Monday -___-
I had a great time attending the Black Celebrity Giving mixer at Shout restaurant. I heard about it from my friend Bessie who spoke about her organization, The She is Me Program.
I got to meet and chat with the founder of Black Celebrity Giving, Jasmine Crowe. I was so inspired by her passion and love with giving back to the community.
I almost met Tai, writer at and fellow Haitian.
Surounded by people determined to make a difference. LOVE IT.

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