Rebel with a cause

I’m beyond overwhelmed with grief right now. So many thoughts swirling through my mind surrounding last night. I’m not even sure how to formulate my thoughts.

Time of execution: 11:08pm

I did not know anything about Troy Davis a week ago. Nothing. I’ll welcome anyone who would like to chime and call me a bandwagon supporter (because this is a trend, right?). I could care less. What I know is this: a man was in prison for 22 years, set to die three times before actually being executed on the fourth time. I’m trying to put myself in his shoes and all I can think of is that I would’ve died from the mental strain of it all a long time ago. Can you imagine being in jail for something you didn’t do, trying to convince people over and over again that you didn’t do it, and NO ONE believes you?

The story of Troy Davis is not new. Yes, there are many like him. But we live in a time where social media has really highlighted what is going on in and around our world. A few years ago, this story wasn’t relevant to us. Unfortunately, we’re a little too late.

Gosh, honestly, I’m just writing. I really don’t know what to say, how to say it or what order to say it in.

I’m infuriated with man. Instead of focusing on the injustice that was taking place, people wanted to place blame on someone (Obama), on anything, but themselves. Did I vote in the state elections? No I did not. I’m embarrassed with myself. Because of my ignorance in the state elections, I, in effect, executed a man. This pains me to know that I allowed those people to murder someone. Don’t look to blame the justice system now when we put those people in those seats. We should be ashamed!

I’m tired of Christians who only want to pray. Did God ever solve any of your problems by prayer alone? I remember a scripture that says faith without works is DEAD. Didn’t you have to work to get what you wanted as well? How is this any different? Put your prayers into action.

And speaking of Christians, how Christ-like are we to do this? Have we not learned from the death at the Cross? One nation, under God or over God?

I’m over people who have something to say about every got damn thing. I’m hearing whispers that Troy Davis may have shot someone (if not the officer) earlier that day in 1989. Not to make light of that death (if it is at all true) but people, is that what he was on trial for? Do you think the system cares about that? What they care about is this Black man shot and killed a cop (who happened to be White). So someone had to pay the price for it. And by no means was I trying to make that statement a racial one.

I’m annoyed with Black people who want to make EVERY freaking thing a race issue. Was Lawrence Russell Brewer not also executed yesterday for the brutal slaying of James Byrd? Brewer was a bad White guy who killed a Black guy. They had proof so they killed him. Can we for once not focus on the color of Troy and just care that he was a human being treated unfairly?

And speaking of Christians…we all want to go to Heaven, right? That’s kinda the point of our short time here on Earth. But we have so much hate for those of a different color. Who do you think will be your brothers and sisters in Heaven? I’m pretty sure my skin won’t change up there.

I’m appalled at our justice system, most of all. How is it that we’re still executing people? Wait, why are we doing it in the first place? Like @BasseyworldLive said on Twitter, “For a country that leans so heavily on a God they barely know, they sure don’t trust Him to do His job.” I don’t know if Troy Davis committed the crime or not. All I know is under no circumstances is it okay for anyone to take another persons life. And NO my answer would not change if it was a family member or friend of mine. Murder is murder. If Mr. Davis did commit the crime, they should’ve let him rot in jail like he already was doing for the last 22 years. I’m disgusted that guilty or not, someone had to pay for the death of an officer. Because that’s what really is important here, right?

I’m judging those without a cause. And harshly. It baffles me how we think we were created for ourselves. You are not here for you; you are here to serve someone else. And you know what? If this case doesn’t move you, fine. But what does? WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT??? What are you willing to speak out about? To fight about?

We’re so preoccupied with the latest fashions and what celebrity is having a fucking baby or getting a divorce but yet silent when it comes to any social issue of substance. Are you all out of your minds? How selfish and self-centered. WAKE UP! It breaks my heart to know that for many people, Troy Davis’ story will be yesterdays news. We’ve become so desensitized to humanity. We don’t think it concerns us. But verily He says, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me“. And I really didn’t want to turn this into a spiritual matter but since everyone wants to claim to be a Christian and all, I thought we’d all be reminded of what He said.

I’m awake. Sometimes I forget what I’m here for but unfortunately, I get constant reminders with situations like this. I have a purpose. I’m scratching my brain trying to figure out what I need to do first or if I’m doing enough but I’m starting right here on my blog. My voice.

With tears in my eyes, I pray for this country and for every one of you. God bless all of the Troy Davis’ in the world.

Fret not thyself, I say, against these laws of man, cause like the Bible says his blood is on their hands. ~Lauryn Hill “Rebel” Thanks, @AdanBean.

Photo: AP Photo/The Savannah Morning News

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