Not your average wedding bells

I’m 100% down for people being creative and steering away from the regular. I’m even more down for people who can really pull it off and stay true to themselves. With that said, I saw two weddings that were absolutely stunning to me. But first, here’s a random observation. Is it me or is this generations young people not getting married in churches anymore? Does anyone else notice that? I’ve seen countless beach, hotel, gazebo, backyard and wherever else but the church. Not that it bothers me. Not much you can do in a church anyway.

So these two weddings really touched me 1) for creativity, and 2) for style.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Ross Oscar Knight’s Photography for a few years now and he never disappoints. He posted photos from this wedding and I nearly said “that’s so me!” at my desk. Love love love the use of subtle color the groom chose with his tie AND the fact that his suit was super casual, as if he were attending someone else’s wedding. And the bride…um yea. Gimme that outfit, THANKS. LOVE the lace and hat. The whole ensemble gave me a vintage vibe.

I was visiting another favorite blogger’s page and saw this couple and nearly fainted. This is probably the best wedding I’ve seen after Elsie’s. How ironic that today I had lunch at the food truck only to find a blog post about a food truck wedding?! This is EXCELLENT! And I bet it didn’t cost them an arm and a leg either. Oh and please watch the video. Presh.

To view more photos from this genius wedding, click here.

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