Lucki brand

I’m a visual person. If you ever want me to remember something, draw it. When I think about brands, I think of the most popular symbols out there. We’re all familiar with the check mark by Nike. Or the red and white colors on the Coca-Cola bottle. Those things represent their brand.

According to this article in BusinessWeek, “your brand is the genuine “personality” of your company. It is “what your company stands for and is known for.” Typically, a company has a logo or symbol that represents the company or its products. While perusing BeHance today, I came across this really cool brand named Luckipocki. Their purpose is to spread “a positive message of luck and happiness” on tote bags. How dope is that?! Simple, yet so creative. Click here for more photos.

How creative have you gotten with your brand?

One thought on “Lucki brand

  1. I think my brand would be creativity. On my Blog I showcase my individual style but I do it in such a way that expresses who I am. Wheather its writing or amature photography, I just express me…period.
    Great post.
    Very thought provoking, as you can tell by the length of my comment.

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