How to love (you) message

I’m not a big fan of rap music but can I say I love Lil Wayne right now for his song How to Love? After hearing it on the radio, it grew on me. Wayne? Singing? Yes honey. I just really love the lyrics. It’s positive and it’s not degrading women. The release of the music video for this song came out today and I’m even more please. Come on, Wayne! You preaching!

I’m loving how music artists are using their social media power to reach to the community. There are so many topics that need to be addressed that some communities will never hear about unless it’s put into a rap song. It’s the sad truth. But I’m glad that these folks are using their powers for good. Check out the video, How to Love (and read the story) and let me know what you think.

And FYI, I’m not fond of Lil Wayne’s personal life. I’m not his judge. But I’m glad he made this video.

3 thoughts on “How to love (you) message

  1. The message was touching…SOMEBODY out there can know they have a second chance and hopefully it will do what the video was intended to do…change someone’s prespective of their life.
    I didn’t understand parts of the video unil I read the article and undestood that the story conveys a cycle.
    I like it when he says; “I just want you to know, You deserve the best, you’re BEAUTIFUL. And I just want you to know, you’re FAR from the usual…”
    Good Post!

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