Summing it up pt 1: 30 x 30

I’m FINALLY done with this challenge! I’ve had so many road blocks with posting but NOW THAT I HAVE MY MACBOOK!!!!!!!!………I can post everything that I wasn’t able to. Here goes.

7.24.11 Day Party at Loca Luna

F21 shorts, H&M tank, Target flats. And special appearance by my thrifted hat.

Outfit 23 is posted here.

8.4.11 So I had free passes to see Planet of the Apes. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. I ended up sneaking into two other movies with my friend. About the outfit. I saw Kendi use a scarf as a jacket. Thought I would give it a try. 🙂

Print dress: F21, Black tights & boots: Target

8.6.11 My friend and I suck at vintage shopping. So we made another attempt to delve into the world of thrifting. I follow the owner of Sherane’s Vintage Closet on Twitter and her shop is just DARLING. I need to visit again. But can I say that I’ll remember this day forever? It rained CATS AND DOGS. And oh how I hate lightning. Imagine me running, under TREES, under my umbrella….SCREAMING at every bolt of lightning. My friend found great joy in this. [My friend: top left, Store owner, Sherane: bottom right]

Top: Wet Seal, Shorts: Marshall's, Pumps: Nine West

8.7.11 My friend Jodine hosted a listening party at Mood’s Music for musical artist, Zo. To view more pics, click here.

Top & Shorts: F21, Flats: Target

 8.11.11 So…I didn’t go anywhere in this outfit. This was my “playing dress up and calling on the spirit of Lady GaGa mixed with Katy Perry” night. I’m sure that’s the only place an outfit like this would be accepted without strange stares. It’s coo-coo looking but makes so much sense to me. P.S. I didn’t know Picnik gave all these editing choices!!! [Dress worn as shirt & skirt & Wrap: H&M, Pumps: Nine West]

8.13.11 I had brunch with my friend Bessie (and her daughter) and my tweep and now friend and fellow blogger, Jennifer (and her son). It’s always good to put a face to a picture. [Dress worn as shirt: H&M, Cardigan: Target, Jeans: Marshall’s, Shoes: Steve Madden]
8.14.11 I missed church. Not really but the traffic was too bad (mega church) so I turned around and went shopping instead. Judge me harshly. [Tank, jeans and flats: Target]
8.15.11 I’M FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Dress: F21, Wrap: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden]
I will recap in another post. For now, I must breathe.

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