Heart of haiti bracelet

As a Haitian-American young woman, I cannot help but be devastated every time I see the suffering of my people in Haiti. I can’t do much but the little I can do helps a lot. So I’m doing what I know how to do: spread the word. I was graciously given a gift from the ladies at @HEARTofHAITI on Twitter. I was SO excited when I received my package. I literally wear this bracelet every other day.

What is Heart of Haiti, you ask?

  • Heart of Haiti (HOH) is a for profit, “Trade not Aid” initiative that allows artisans to earn income with dignity and provide for their families.  The artists, both men and women, use the money they earn for basic nutrition, healthcare and education.
  • The Heart of Haiti collection is part of the Macy’s ‘Shop For A Better World’ initiative which also includes ‘Path to Peace’, a collection of hand-woven baskets made by women artisans in Rwanda.
  • Most items in the collection cost between $10 and $60. Heart of Haiti products are made entirely of recycled or sustainable materials such as oil drums, cement bags and local gommier wood. The collection includes papier-mache vases, bowls, metabowls, jewelry, wall art, canvas prints and more.

  • My bracelet was made by a collective of artists called the ‘Atelier Artisans’, located in downtown Port-au-Prince, who work with leftover horn and bone transforming them into luxurious home decor and jewelry pieces.  With the minimal and very basic tools they have, these artists carve and finish each piece by hand. The opportunity to design for the US market is very exciting for these artists and their hope is to rebuild their workshops as their business grows internationally.
  • Despite the devastation, Haiti is a country which thrives on its rich tradition in art and culture; Haitians want to work and find economic empowerment. Macy’s joined forces with Fairwinds Trading and Brand Aid (funded by the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund) to launch the Heart of Haiti program.
Top: H&M, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Flats: Target

Top: H&M, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Flats: Target

Support Haitian artisans that are supporting themselves.
Thank you so much ladies for the gift!  To learn more and to support, click here. And to purchase my lovely bracelet, click here.

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