I do apologize for my lack of posts, dear readers. Unfortunately, all of the photos for my fashion posts are on my roommates computer and I haven’t been able to get them from her. My life. Hopefully I will be back to posting later on this week. I’m behind on sooo many posts. I dread the editing that will come. Have some patience with me.

Will you wait, browse around and read some older posts, comment and such. (You might want to check out my mini living list, or why I might go to Hell, or heck, even the #swag wedding. Oh! And read up on some older posts. I’d love to hear your input on dating exclusively vs commitment).  Also, keep an eye out for my 300th post giveaway. Beauty stuff for my faithful readers and newbie’s as well (SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT MISS LUCY’S BLOG!).

I’m also rebranding. Everyday I get excited about the direction that this blog is going in. I’ll never be satisfied until I can reach others the best way I know how. So stay with me folks. I’m cooking something good in the kitchen 😉

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