The girl with the tattoo

A week ago I told you all that one of the things I wanted to do on my mini living list was to get a tattoo. Well I finally got it. The design means “follow your heart”.

Shoes: Steve Madden, Dress: F21, Wrap: H&M; Necklace: gift from my Kenyan family ^__^

I’m proud to say that I designed it myself. *pats back* And a few people (including N’Dambi who I had breakfast with on Saturday!!! I had no idea who she was but I knew her song) said they loved it.

Thanks to Keila, Kwajelyn, Jen, Nagzah, Deanna and Shayla for the support and also getting tattoos! I’d upload the video but I don’t think my profanity is appropriate for the web. It didn’t hurt, really. Lasted all of three minutes. That wasn’t enough time to hurt.

But I will say, tattoos are addictive. I definitely want a few more, when my pocketbook allows. 🙂

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