The infamous bathroom shot

I feel like I’ve been doing this challenge FOREVERRR! Sigh.

I know everyone hates the bathroom pictures but seriously, the lighting in there is amazing! So shout out to all the folks who regularly use bathroom pictures in place of proper shots. Oh, and shout out to the poses. You know you do these!

Shorts: F21, Tank and Shoes: Target

And when you’re just having too much fun with a self-timer…

4 thoughts on “The infamous bathroom shot

  1. Miss Lucy that would be the middle pic with the kissy faces since the first one says 18 in the but yes it has perfect lighting as well as when doing youtube videos it has great accoustics…

  2. Hey luc 18b would be the 2nd pic with the kissy face. Since the first pic says 18. LOL and yes the bathroom is a perfect place to take pics becaue of the great lighting it is also a great place to record videos for youtube because it has great accoustics.

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