Mini living list

Over a year ago, my friends and I created a bucket list of things we wanted to do before we died. Well, I don’t know what we were thinking but I’m pretty sure we don’t know when we’ll die. So here is my living list of things I would like to do, eventually. Like, really soon.

  • Get a tattoo (checking this off my list TOMORROW!)
  • Ride on a motorcycle (I know the perfect man with one…)
  • Catch a fish, while fishing
  • Swim with a dolphin
  • Take a dance class (ballet)
  • Go out on a date with a White man (or any non-Black)
  • Shoot a gun (at a gun range)
  • Take a road trip alone

I can do these pretty soon, right?! Well what do you want to do?

10 thoughts on “Mini living list

  1. There are a couple things on here that I have on my list too! I’ve always wanted to learn to tango, go to a gun range and go on a road trip. I think they’re all plausible you just have to make it happen! Good and interesting list.

  2. Hi Lucy, great Mini Living List – I like the idea of a manageable/ achievable, aside from the bucket list. I found you on twitter (or you me, am not sure now!) and have just been browsing your gorgeous blog. It’s lovely, thanks for sharing you life and loves. Warmest wishes… ❤

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