Weekend at a glance: brunch, baby & bangin booty #29


Everyone has a particular part of their bodies that they admire. Whether you have a pretty face, long hair or whatever. I take pride in my booty. Judge not, lest ye be judged, sayeth the Lord.

Shout out to my friend Marco who took my pictures at church. My friends are becoming good photographers! I do apologize for my Haitian-ized poses.

OH! And I’m wearing my bridesmaid shoe from the #swag wedding! ^__^

Later, I celebrated my friends 31st birthday at Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge. Meh, I could have lived without the overpriced food but the live band was worth it. What an entertaining performance.



After church, I had brunch with my Godbabymama/one of my closest friends and my Godbaby. We went to The Social House. Great food but the wait is beastial (is that a word?). Have patience, it’s a small establishment. Godbaby didn’t really want to wait so I snapped some pictures of her and the Mickey Mouse pancake that she DEVOURED.

And yet another friend, turned awesome photographer 🙂

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