Weekend at a glance: a brown theme #28

After church yesterday, I decided I would take my handy-dandy tripod and make two outfit posts in one day. The first set is my church outfit. So grateful to attend a church that doesn’t look down on me if I’m not dressed in my Sunday’s Best.

H&M top & bag, jeans from Marshall's, Steve Madden shoes

Then, I changed to run around town with my friend. I totally forgot to take my pictures so I had to set up shop in the hallway at my apartment :O

Oh, I decided to add this yellow sweater. I told you guys how I didn’t plan any of my outfits ahead of time. I realized that I added too many sleeveless tops. So…I added on. Don’t judge me. This is my challenge. 🙂

H&M bag, Target sweater, F21 dress & belt, Steve Madden shoes

Notice how I kept my shoes and bags the same? You see what I did there? No? Me neither. I just hate carrying a lot of stuff.

3 thoughts on “Weekend at a glance: a brown theme #28

  1. I don’t wear tank tops that often, but mysteriously I found that I included many of them in my challenge too!

    Congrats on your 30 for 30!

    From one summer re-mixer to another:)

  2. Uber cute I really need to branch out more but its harder to find those clothes in my size…cant go to cute boutiques for lil people (too big) and cant go to the cute stores like Torrid (too small) i need to be normal size for me again…

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