Weekend at a glance: lots of dopeness #27

I decided to double up on pictures because…I wanted to. And it’s too hot in Atlanta not to change several times a day.

Saturday, I stopped by my parents church for a second to chill with the homies. Oh. And I wore my Heart of Haiti pendant. Support!

F21 floral dress & burgundy top, Steve Madden shoes, Aldo handbag

BTW, I did my nails with this awesome color. Like? I got it from Urban Outfitters for five bucks. It’s called Hot tub.
I made a quick stop just in time for the ending of Funky Flea ATL. Darn. It seemed like a great event. I’ve got to come on time next year.

Later on, I went to a friend’s show called The Audacity of Dope. He’s a rapping lawyer. Yup, you heard that right. An attorney, who raps. Dope. Shout out to Gilles.

Target: tank, F21: skirt, Nine West: pumps, Aldo: handbag

8 thoughts on “Weekend at a glance: lots of dopeness #27

  1. Haven’t commented on your blog is a while. Keep up the great work! I recently purchased one of the Heart of Haiti pendants as a gift for a “friend” who graduated. Its a great cause and gift!

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