Creative awareness

Sometimes just reading statistics doesn’t convey the urgency of a message out as quickly as a song or video can. I can’t help but gush over people who find creative ways to bring awareness to certain topics.

First, I’m in love with Marsha Ambrosius’ video Late Night & Early Mornings. I’m loving thought-provoking theme of her videos right now. This latest one comes out right in time for National HIV Testing Day.

While I was searching for more videos by musicians, I came across this one by another favorite artist of mine, B.O.B. His video, Dr. Aden, sheds light on the administering of medicine by the Bayer Company that contained AIDS.

As one of the bloggers partnering with Black Women’s Health Imperative’s campaign, ELEVATE, we each wrote something about HIV awareness. One blogger, Franchesca, did a video and watching it was one of the highlights of my morning. A little laughter for a very serious subject.

And one last video, just because I thought it was cute. WRAP IT UP, FOLKS!

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