Day six: day on, not off

Monday: 6/20

Why is it that when you take a day off from work, it never really is a day off? I find that I get more accomplished on my days off than when I’m at work. But I love being able to wake up at 10 and watch daytime television.

I got to have lunch at West Egg with my friend, Bessie. She is truly a gem! Besides that, she is an awesome do-gooder. Founder and Director of The She is Me Program and also her blog The Fabulous Do-Gooder. She graciously took my photos. Thanks chica!

Target top & boots, black tights, Aldo clutch & bracelet


So….about those colorful pieces I’m standing on. Awesome right? Well, they are intricately cut pieces of carpet from FLOR. Basically, you pick the size and shape to create your own unique and custom design. I love that the material is made from recycled content. What a cool DIY project.

3 thoughts on “Day six: day on, not off

  1. Loving the simplicity and the pop of color with the clutch. You’re outfits so far are so cute and you’ve inspired me. I always feel like I need just one more top. One more pair of shoes, etc.

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