Day five: my new tripod

Sunday: 6/19

All of my friends can breathe a sigh of relief because I finally bought a tripod. Unless we’re out in public, I will no longer be asking you to take my photos. GET HAPPY!

H&M top, Marshall's shorts, Target flats

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about E.l.f. cosmetics. I’ve been looking for a tinted moisturizer for a long time and they happen to make one for THREE bucks! Get excited! They come in a variety of different shades. I’m using Almond right now because that’s the darkest they had in store. I see that they have even darker shades online. I’ll be looking out for the Expresso shade but Almond works for now.

Even though it is a moisturizer, I still use my regular Cetaphil moisturizer as a base since e.l.f. has what feels like a matte finish (which means less shine for us oily skinned folks). And all I need to complete the look is a little blush and then voila! A perfect face for my every day. Bonus: it has SPF protection. WINNING! Check them out here and at your local Target stores.

3 thoughts on “Day five: my new tripod

  1. i LOOOOOOVE the outfit!! chunky charm bracelets make my heart sing. where did you find the tripod?

    Almond works well with your complexion? I’ve been searching for a tinted moisturizer for months so I’m definitely going to check Target this evening. I actually saw too darker shades (Mocha and Expresso) on their site. Seeing that they’re only $3, I wont feel bad in testing all three. Thanks for the heads up!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jane!
    Girl, that tripod is a LIFE SAVER! I got it from Target for $16. Get one! It’s in the electronic section by the ipods somewhere.

    Yea, it does but it leaves a bit of an ashy hue. Not really noticeable but to me. It still does it’s job. I know one shade darker, would work PERFECT on my skin. It’s seriously a great bargain. I’m really loving e.l.f. products. I’m gonna go back and stock up on some. $3 is a steal!

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