Weekend at a glance: book signing #26

As usual, I had a fantabulous and short lived weekend. I will only highlight Saturday: the book signing for Demetria Lucas’ book, A Belle in Brooklyn. Many people might recognize her from her relationship column in Essence magazine but she is now a published author. I must say that I haven’t read the book yet but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from women and men alike.

I was expecting a larger turn out but I’ll put the blame on Mother Nature for sending all of the rain that day. It definitely almost made me turn around and head back home. But it was still successful.


So glad that I got to meet one of my tweeps, Frances aka @RevealingBeaute. And I’m sooo grateful she looks just like her avatar 🙂

And theeen, my friend Bessie (aka @fabdogooder) came. Yay!

Back to A Belle in Brooklyn. So basically her book is about her dating and relationship experiences. Here is the book’s description:

As the go-to girl for relationship and dating advice, this real life Carrie Bradshaw and editor at Essence magazine shares the what-to-dos and what-not-to-dos for fabulous single living.

With a popular blog and an Essence magazine platform, Demetria Lucas has become a relationship guru to millions of young women with plenty of simple, direct advice. According to Lucas, most women are too focused (and stressed) on the difficulties of meeting Mr. Right to enjoy the experience.

A Belle in Brooklyn celebrates the joys of singlehood, encourages personal development, and offers tools to help women increase their odds of finding a suitable mate when they are ready for one. With advice garnered from personal revelations, expert interviews with other relationship and dating gurus, and hundreds of interviews with her Male MindSquad—a committee of thirty men from varying backgrounds who answers the tough questions about sex, dating, and relationships—Lucas helps women enjoy the single life…with or without the perfect guy.

Can’t wait to read it. Here are a few more pictures from the event. Enjoy.


Purchase A Belle in Brooklyn online for a great price on amazon.com. Be sure to also check out her blog.

2 thoughts on “Weekend at a glance: book signing #26

  1. love it honeybee! I do look like my avitar 🙂
    I’m so glad I fought through sitting on 75 for 3 hours and managing to not get carried away in the monsoon! Had a great time hanging w/ you chica!

  2. I’ve heard so much about this book, I’m going to have to pick it up and see. Girl, I don’t need anymore book, I have a stack that I’m currently working thru now, lol!!

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