Weekend at a glance: summer stroll #25

I usually make these posts earlier in the week but…I forgot. Blame my brain. Last weekend was SO MUCH dag on fun! The best moments are the ones that are not planned, in my opinion.

Friday I went to a fashion show. Nothing to scream about. Meh.


I invited my friends and their daughters to the Midtown Summer Stroll. It was all of their first times walking around the city. Shame on them, lol. We attempted to get their faces painted but I think one year olds don’t take kindly to strangers. At least not these girls. They weren’t having it. We saw a mini circus production and had lunch at one of my favorite breakfast spots in the city: The Flying Biscuit.



I really didn’t plan on going anywhere. I was gonna stay home and paint my nails, which I did, like so:

But then my friend let me know they she was hitting up the W Hotel for some fun in the sun. Can you say FREE?! Oh yea. I was all over that. It was a perfect weekend…

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