Day three: the green lantern

My friend got free tickets to see a viewing of The Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds. It officially comes out in theaters tonight. My review of the film: I’m glad it was free. Ryan is definitely a hottie so it was great watching him but in comparison to Thor, another comic book film, it sucked major balls. Too cheesy and predictable. And was his costar Blake Lively? If so, she sucked.

Heeeey Ryan….



White tanks; Cream cropped H&M tee; Stripped Urban Outfitters skirt; Target flats; H&M clutch

3 thoughts on “Day three: the green lantern

  1. I’ve never wanted to see that movie. Reynolds is hot, that can’t be denied but I pretty much just interested in XMEN. All of these other Marvel/DC, etc. movies can shove it.

    Cute outfit!

  2. thnx 4 the review, although i was never familiar with the comic; i kinda wanted to see it. I like this outfit. I’m loving crop tops and striped skirts.

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