Flirting: can I have your number?

So I was thinking about flirting right…..I used to love it. I mean really love it. Flirt and keep it moving. Best kind of high or ego booster, depending on how it all ends. I want to say a few years ago I just stopped flirting hard-core. It wasn’t fun anymore. And now, I think I’ve forgotten how to do it. At least I don’t think I’m doing it. You should be able to tell when someone is flirting with you.

Scenario: Boy walks over with his homeboy and stands next to girl. Boy is introduced to girl. Boy makes small talk. Where are you from? What do you do? Things of that nature. He says something like, “so you’re a good girl?” and of course she responds, “well yes I am!”. Then she looks away coyly. A little pursing of the lips action. And then another fellow joins the group. He also begins to engage in conversation with the girl. He tells her he knows her and a friend of hers. “Oh really?”, she exclaims. Now the girl adverted her attention to boy number two. He does his best to keep her interested and he was successful.

True story. This happened last night to…….my homegirl…..yea. Notice the girl didn’t do anything spectacular to attain the interest of the men. They came, they spoke, she responded. Simple. Later that evening, my friend said I…I mean the girl flirted. No way! The girl showed no interest besides engaging in conversation. So how the heck do you know if someone is flirting with you or not? Weeeell, my good friends at WikiHow tells us exactly how to flirt successfully.

I used to flirt for fun but then I realized that it is not a recreational sport to others as it was to me. If you’re not careful, you’ll garner a creeper. To avoid that, most of the time I just don’t flirt. I think I’d remember how to flirt once the right person approached me. You know, give plenty of eye contact, the gentle touch on the knee, blushing, batting eyes, smiling. All that jazz.

Anyway, how do you flirt? When is the right time to flirt? Can flirting only be recreational or must it lead to a romantic relationship?

I brought the book The Fine Art of Small Talk by Debra Fine a while ago. I have yet to start reading it but I think I must. And maybe there will be a chapter about flirting somewhere in there.

All I know is, you better learn how to flirt and when not to flirt or else this could happen to you….

5 thoughts on “Flirting: can I have your number?

  1. Eye contact is what works for me. Case and point on Saturday I was at a bowling alley/lounge when I spotted the finest white boy I’ve ever seen and proceeded to give eye contact but not in a creepy way. He got the point and came over and we proceeded to talk. I didn’t want to give him my number so we just talked for a bit, but I loved every minute of it.

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