Wedding bells

I must say I’m truly impressed with the creativity people are putting into making an event uniquely memorable. I just saw the movie trailer for my friends Nadine and Eddy’s Fourth of July wedding. Super cute and true to them at the same time. My favorite part was when Nadine spits out the food she was eating. CLASSIC.

While I was reading through blog posts in Google Reader, I came across the wedding video of one of my favorite bloggers, Elsie on A Beautiful Mess. I loooooved it! Omg, I love love love creative people. The simplicity, the colors, the music, the location, the idea of having a whole ceremony cut down to a five-minute video clip…ugh…just…love.


6 thoughts on “Wedding bells

  1. Thanks Luce!! The pops of color in that wedding vid tho is beyond amazing….love the colored stockings on the bridesmaids!

    • Yes you can, Sayo. Make sure you add a link back to my site 😉
      Oh and check out my post “The #swag wedding” of the wedding pictures (and the professional ones). Check under July 11th posts.

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