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I would say that I take more pictures than most of my friends. Not only do I take them but I post them for the world to see. Otherwise…why…would I take pictures…….? :-/ But for some reason, I can’t bring myself to post pictures of myself everyday on my blog. I follow A TON of fashion bloggers and this could probably be why I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but…….at what point does the constant posting of pictures become vain? Or does it only seem vain to those that don’t take a lot of pictures of themselves? Is either person right or wrong in the way that they feel?

I love fashion. I do. My entire tumblr page is about pretty fashions that I only dream about now until I can afford them in the future. It also doesn’t help that I read about 200 blog posts in google reader, daily. As far as my style, I think my fashion sense is ok. I stay true to who I am and what makes me feel good. But I can’t imagine writing solely about fashion all day. I used to. I thought I wanted to be a fashion editor. Put my communication degree and love of froo froo clothes to use. But I’m not obsessed with material things. I don’t want to be either. And sometimes, on the outside looking in, I can understand how it can seem a bit vain.

This post is not to knock anyone of my fashion bloggers. If anything, I tip my hat to you all. Between working a full-time job, living life (without a personal computer STILL), I don’t have time to post new outfits everyday like the best of them.  I admire that you all can do all that I do and still make time to blog. I love fashion but it’s just an interest for me. If I ever did decide to do fashion blogging, I would want to know how to maintain a healthy balance between blogging about fashion and also about philanthropy. Fashion blogging for a cause that I support would be something I’d be interested in.

So I guess this post is two-fold: Is fashion blogging vanity? Why or why not? If it is (in your opinion), how can we make it have a purpose?

P.S. tho, if you’re going into debt trying to keep up with the Joneses on your fashion blog, take a seat somewhere.

P.P.S. I haven’t done a FBFF post in a while so this is my fashion related post. To check out Friend Friday posts by fashion bloggers, visit Modly Chic.

2 thoughts on “Fashion blogging

  1. I’ve always wondered how fashion bloggers do it – in terms of time and money. I, like you, love fashion in real life. I’m always advising people on what to wear and how to wear it, yet, I do not have one fashion post. I love to read them and get ideas, though!

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