Weekend at a glance: nigerian wedding #24

I could write about all the wonderful places I went over the weekend and pictures I took but it would make this post entirely too long. Instead, I’ll just highlight Sunday, when I attended a Nigerian wedding. Those who know me know how much I love my African people. I would say I’m Nigerian (Yoruba), by association. This was my second Nigerian wedding ever, except not as traditional as the first. All the same, I was happy to be part of the experience.

First, let me talk a little fashion. The dress I wore was purchased from Miss Selfridge in the UK. I really love that site and I was excited to wear that dress. Initially it was for my birthday a month ago but it came afterwards. When I got it and started putting it on, I realized…that I couldn’t get into it!!! Who could possibly be tinier than me?! And why don’t I still know my UK size? And if I gained weight, why hasn’t my scale been notified?! Oh well. With my baby oil gel in tow, I managed to get into the dress. You can buy this dress here.

My very close friend, Bekky invited me to the wedding of Yetsa (pronounced, ach-aa).  Through Bekky, I’ve gotten to know the bride, as well as her twin sister, and maid of honor, Eyi. Note: when you’re invited to a wedding where you don’t know anyone, be prepared to look like the kid that doesn’t have friends at the lunch table.

I loved how simple the wedding was. It started relatively on time. It was quick and to the point. Lots of dancing and good food. I was really feeling the yellow and green colors for the spring. Loads of fun!

You betta get hip to the spraying of money.

Thanks for the invite, Bekks! And congrats to Yetsa and Slyvester!

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