Products galore

So a while back I fed my beauty obsession. Just a little snack since you know we ARE in a recession. I’ve been hearing whispers about these products and decided to give them a try.

1. NARS Super Orgasm Blush (Blame Drake)

Definitely not what I thought it would be. It takes a lot of swipes across my cheek before I actually see a hit of glitter. No blush. Maybe it’s too light for my complexion. Oh well, too late now. I just heard about the NARS Illuminator. I suppose it is like a liquid bronzer. I want to try it but I’m not okay with the price. I have one high-end product and that’s it for now. Lucy disapproves.

2. Milani Bake Bronzer

I LOVE THIS THING!!!! I mean I use it as a bronzer all over my body. I feel like a queeeeen to beeee with it on. I also love putting it on my collerbone. I just be shinning! Lucy approves!

3. Alba Acnedote Deep Pore Wash

 Not a fan. I tried it because yet and still, I do not have a face wash that I am a fan of and that actually works. And this claims to be a natural product. I’ve been using it for weeks and have not seen any improvement on my skin. Lucy disapproves.

4. NYX Concealor Stick

Yay for this! I’ve been trying to find a good concealer. I’m lying. I’ve been using my foundation as concealer. Major fail. My sister told me about this one. Of course I use a darker shade (CS09). It’s pretty fabulous for me. I hate putting too much work in applying makeup and the stick is simple. Just swipe right under your eyebrow or under your eyes. Clean and easy, no mess. Cheap too. Only thing is that I had to travel around the world to find it. For some reason, Walmart, Target nor Sally’s sold it. I found it at a beauty supply store. Lucy approves!

5. MAC Loud and Lovely Cremesheen Glass

 I really need to slow down on using this product. At $19, you’d think I’d take my time but I love it so much. It’s smooth, not sticky and it looks great on my lips. Mind you, I have naturally dark lips and it still comes out with a pink tint. Lucy approves!

6. Ardell Invisiband Eyelashes

My friend always wears these and I was super jealz and had to have them lol. Coocoo. I love false lashes but I haven’t really been a fan of strip ones. More so because I didn’t know how to apply them myself (and still don’t. I finally found them at Sally’s and my sister put them on for me. But if you’d like a good tutorial, this girl from youtube has an ok one. See here.

  Unfortunately they only lasted for that day. I guess I slept on my face too hard because when I woke up, they were NOT curled anymore. My right eye was totally flat. My sister said she doesn’t  use the lash grip glue that comes with it. Not sure if that would’ve made a difference. I approve of the lashes. I just hate that they only lasted one night. But I will try it again with a different glue and see what happens.

4/6 approves is not too bad. Have you tried any of these products? Like? No like?

2 thoughts on “Products galore

  1. I’m all over this Milani bronzer. I’ve been looking for a good one with a reasonable price. I used to use this one by Prescriptives and they d/c it. Don’t you hate it when that happens to one of your staples?!? I will definitely try the Milani. Thx for the tips!

  2. Yes girl, get it! I just got the darkest shade because I’m dark lol. It works perfectly.
    As far as the NARS, I use it on “special ocassions” but my Maybelline blush works just fine.
    Glad I could give suggestions.

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