26 Life lessons in 26 years

I usually do a post or general reflection of some sort when life graces me with another year. I happened to be reading a post on Zen Habits by Leo Babauta about his 38 life lessons and it inspired me to write my own. I believe I’ve learned a lot this past year alone. I may not have followed all of my light bulb moments but I definitely took notice. Take heed.

1. Cherish each and every moment. I wonder how different our lives would be if you rethought that conversation you had with your friend at dinner. If you just paused a bit and thought, “hmmm….what if this were my last convo with him/her?” You’d probably think twice about sweating the small stuff.

2. Embrace change. Whether it feels good or bad. It all happens for a reason. Change is always good. Think of it as preparation to a more exciting stage in your life.

3. You won’t really be happy chasing money. You might be miserable for the life you didn’t live while chasing money. Oh I’m sure when you get the money, you’ll be excited. You can finally buy all the things you’ve ever wanted. Then what? *twiddles thumbs*

4. A job is just a job but your passion is who you are. When you figure out what that is, go after it and keep working at it until you make a difference. You’ll never get bored.

5. Not everyone will care about your cause/fundraiser/organization. Don’t take it personal or become discouraged. Keep doing good.

6. There will always be someone who doesn’t like you. Smile because you’re simply always on their mind.

7. He who angers you, controls you. *church wave*

8. Your purpose in life is not like everyone else’s. Some people were meant to be mothers. Some are meant to be business people. Neither of your jobs are insignificant if you deem it important.

9. Let. Go. If I have to repeat this to myself seventy times seven times a day, I will.

10. You will ALWAYS make time to do what you want and with whom you want. You’ll find a way. You’ll make a plan. If they aren’t important, you’ll find an excuse.

11. God is not [just] in your church. God is all around us. Church won’t save you, your relationship will.

12. Everyone makes their own decisions in life. You can give advice until you’re blue in the face but don’t expect that it will be taken.

13. I love you is the most overused phrase ever. Live it.

14. Never regret being with someone you once loved. Focus on what made it great and forget the rest.

15.  Less is more. Minimize all of the “things” in your life.

16. Don’t let anyone dim your light. You’ve been given it for a reason, uniquely for YOU. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too bright or not bright enough.

17. Value your vagina. I read that phrase on Tumblr somewhere and it spoke volumes to me. Too often we women use our bodies as a dumping place for men who don’t deserve it and it screams low self-esteem. If you need to spice up your life, get a toy or a dog. But don’t add unneccessary heartache, STI’s and babies to your life just so that you won’t be lonely. Take a seat somewhere.

18. We grow up, we grow closer, we grow apart. That’s life. Seasons come and go. Learn to enjoy them in the moment.

19. When you hear that still small voice, LISTEN TO IT! God speaks to us daily and with a bat of an eye, we mute His voice. Don’t ignore Him.

20. Even amidst all of the disasters today, there is still good in the world. Go out and LIVE LIFE!

21. You cannot do everything. Learn to say NO to projects, rehearsals, organizations, etc that you cannot give your all to. It’s okay. You’re not a machine.

22. Eat. Eat what you want and enjoy every morsel. If it makes you fat, so be it. Just be healthy.

23. Be true to yourself. You don’t have to explain yourself to others.

24. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough. Make more mistakes.

25. Fear will cripple you and make you her bitch for life. Overcome.

26. Judging someone is so easy to do. Try understanding (if you really care).

8 thoughts on “26 Life lessons in 26 years

  1. Great list. I agree with each and every one. And I’m excited to continue to learn and grow. Learning can get messy but its the only way to truly live!

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