I’ve tumbled

I’ve made several compilation posts on here about some of my favorite pictures from Tumblr. Well I decided to just go ahead and join the bandwagon and create my own page.

I really love Tumblr. Why? It’s random pictures of lovely things. I have a really hard time concentrating on words, especially if there are too many words. Feel free to diagnose me. Tumblr is the perfect fix for that. Pretty pictures. Minimal words. Just lovely things. It makes me happy.

I feel like some kind of traitor by declaring this on WordPress but I’m not leaving this blog! Tumblr is an outlet for the creative, artsy-fartsy side of my brain. And I wanted to share that with you. So here.

K, bye.

5 thoughts on “I’ve tumbled

  1. Haha @ GG and she knows why…
    Luce I got sucked in too…it started off looking at hair pictures and then grew from there…the next thing I knew i had a page :-/

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