Weekend at a glance: me time #16

I ended up taking myself out this past weekend. After paying valet FOUR times on Friday night, I came out alive!


I got to meet Curly Nikki at her natural hair meet up at the Livingston restaurant. One room full of curly-haired naturals. It was a beautiful sight to see.



I also got to meet Natural Chica, another very popular natural.


Sweater dress & belt: Forever 21
Purse & tights: H&M
Boots: Zara

After having dinner at a bar (yes chile, at the bar eating lemon pepper wings and watching the game with the big boys), I stopped by Kats Cafe to hear Chantae Cann perform. If you do not know who this girl is, you better ask somebody! She has the voice of an angel. Sorry about my vid. Not enough space on my cam to record the entire thing.


I cooked. Yes. Go ahead and rejoice. I did it. All me. This is part of my “no dining out” week. Gotta save money.

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