Weekend at a glance pt 1 (#15)

I’m pretty sure this past weekend has been the most eventful of 2011 so far. Here are a few highlights and shout outs.


I went to an art show at Studio Clout in Atlanta featuring the work of two people I know: Fenton Thompson and Simone Stanley. Fenton is a painter and Simone does what she calls Feltraits (felt + portraits). Seriously, check them out. They are legit! I’ll vouch. 😉



Simone Stanley
Fenton Thompson
One of my friends is working on her photography portfolio and asked me and a few other Haitian young ladies to be her models. It was such a beautiful day and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.
Y’all know I love food and like to share every chance I get. Thanks to Scoutmob, there’s so many more restaurants I can try for half the price. I attended a birthday celebration Saturday night at El Azteca. Loooove me some Mexican food! I went to the one off Ponce de Leon but I love the Buckhead location. Check it out!

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