Go bold

My night out look for makeup is usually neutral: dark eyes, blush and a neutral lip. Or vice versa. Easy on the eyes and bold on the lips. It’s one of the other for me. Going bold on both the eyes and lips can sometimes come off….clownish, for lack of a better word. So I’ve stayed away from it. But I figured, I don’t have my ears pierced. And I did choose to rock a bold short haircut, why not liven up my face? Make my face, an accessory.

So I experimented before heading out for the night. I am NOT good at applying eye shadow. I leave it alone because I rub my eyes a lot. BUT, if you’re like me, try Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It has worked for me in the past.

First, let me take you through my entire ritual. I brought this little goodie from Sephora: Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish.  The dry winter weather has been taking a toll on my lips so I’ve been searching for a good product to exfoliate them. I’ve used it only once so far but it feels good and tastes good! Basically, you apply it to your lips and use a moist/warm washcloth to scrub your lips. If you’re not interested in spending a grip on this product, nothing beats a home creation. Back in the day, I took applied Vaseline to my lips as a base before scrubbing. I then took my toothbrush, rinsed it in hot water and brushed my lips. It works!


Then I applied this lip balm to my lips to seal in the moisture and keep them from chapping. Again, you can use whatever you like.


I applied my Make Up Forever HD foundation and got started on my eyes. Because my eye lids recess into the crease of my eyes, I like to use black eyeliner to make my eyes pop. I’m obsessed with finding the perfect eyeliner so I have many. I found this one by Maybelline and gave it a try with perfecting my “cat eye”.


I used a few different color combinations on my eyes. Blues and golds, mostly. And on my lips, I used my new favorite fushia lip color, Intriguing by Stila and a magenta lip liner. Play around with it and I’m sure you’ll look fab!


And there you have it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Go bold

  1. I like the color combo. so spring(ish) and yes BOLD.
    just a suggestion: next time try concentrating the color on your lower lids and crease and apply a neutral color on the brow bone (a shade or two lighter than your skin tone)

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