#Snowmaggedon11 thoughts and epiphanies

The snow is still coming down on my side of town. It’s 1:20am. But I’m wide awake because I’m SICK! *cough, sneeze, blow* And since I’m wide awake, I might as well write what’s on my mind.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this whole growing up/older business and life in general. My experiences with life, love and relationships have been eye opening and somewhat scary at times. You ever discovered something about yourself that you didn’t think was capable of coming from you? Yea, well it’s been pretty interesting. Here’s a few things that #snowmaggedon11 made me remember:

1. Not everyone will get you. It’s not even your job to make them understand. No need to argue your opinion/belief/way of life for someone/people who don’t really care.

2. Sara Bareilles and India Arie are my two top favorite women artists….EVER. It doesn’t matter what I’m going through, they have a song for it and they are DEAD ON. I will do a road trip to wherever they are performing this year. I haaave to see them live.

3. I have a huge problem with people who are not comfortable with silence. I’m truly and deeply bothered by these kinds of people. Does it kill you to hear your thoughts? It does? Ok well please, let me hear mine!

4. With that being said, I’ve concluded that it’s quite possible that I was destined to live alone. Far, far, far away from noise.

5. Food has become a very integral part of my life. But weight doesn’t seem to want to budge. I’ve been 94lbs for 10 years. So I’ve given up trying to gain weight and now just eat for the sheer joy of eating.

6. I give some people too much space to occupy my mind. There are people you care about by default that you shouldn’t, and you know it. I need to learn how to balance out how much I care to everyone else. Or possibly care less. Because being an asshole takes too much work.

7. Emotions are meant to be expressed. Let them call you crazy. I’ll be that. But when I’m finished, I’m gonna feel better. No longer biting my tongue.

8. It will never be ok for a man to pay for the first date with a coupon. It may not be a deal breaker but I’m watching you, sir.

9. Honesty is and always has been the best policy. And it’s the most liberating feeling! Who wouldn’t want clarity?!

I really wanted to go to ten but this Theraflu is finally kicking in. And I’m not sure but I think I hear icicles forming on my window. Gotta go night night! *kevin hart voice*

P.S. My findings were all the way serious. Don’t let my jokie-joke style of writing confuse you.

This took entirely way too long to write. Sorry in advance to my subscribers who will receive this email notification. You don’t have to work anyway. It’s snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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