Dear 2010…

Reset Your Life Day 28: Write a Love Letter to 2010

Dear 2010,

My, have you tried my patience and will to survive you sneaky little…time thief you. Oh how you’ve challenged me in more ways than I can count.

I began the year still unemployed. That journey alone tried my patience because you know I’m used to having my own money. Eights months without a steady income?! Almost drove me mad! I moved a total of five times since then but what an experience. All I can say is nothing beats being in your own space.

I did get a job. I’ve been working for eight months now. I’m thankful for my paycheck but working in Corporate America is not for me. I know this. I’ve been here before. And I won’t be here long.

The best thing that came out of my job is the access to the internet. Yes lawd! You know I still don’t have a laptop. So I’m grateful that I can search the net and make the necessarily connections to further promote myself as a blogger.

This was the year of connections. I’ve met so many great people because of Twitter, I can’t name them all. My virtual internship with Glamour Gone Good has taught me different ways to network with people. It also showed me that I really enjoy working with people who are doing good in the community. Do gooders rock!

Looking back, I can’t really complain about 2010. I know, I know, I complained heavily. I mean, my friend who shared the same birthday as me passed away tragically. I’ve never been so shocked about a sudden death in my life. That laid heavily on my heart. But I still managed to enjoy my 25th birthday with the help of great friends.

Speaking of friends. Man…….I’m truly surrounded by the best group of people. They are so diverse but I love that  at any given moment, I’m sure to be entertained many different ways! I mean we went EVERYWHERE this year! To every party, house gathering, etc. 2010, you were definitely the year of socializing. I hope to keep that up because I need a break from men.

Speaking of men. I went through THE MOST with my best friend. Stopped being friends twice but I’m glad he’s back in my life as just my friend. I met someone whom I really liked but it was short-lived. Never had those before. You know, short-lived experiences. I usually drag relationships well past their expiration date. So maybe us abruptly ending was a good thing. I’ll never know.

I think the theme of my life is from the movie Eat Pray Love. Still reading the book but I fell in love with the movie. I did my own little traveling this year. I didn’t have much money but I still managed to go to three big trips over the summer (London, South Carolina and New York), albeit briefly. So grateful.

How can I forget the birthday of my god-daughter in January! Love you Ava!!!

So really, 2010 was an eventful year. Can’t have happy without a little sad, if not but to balance and keep me reflective on what’s important in life.

Hey 2010, it’s been real but 2011 is gonna blow you out of the water.

2010: My review in pictures



Miss you! Love you! BYE!!!

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