Reset your life: days 3-5

I’ve been slacking on this challenge but here are some of my answers from my journal:

Day 3: Identify Your Values
What matters most to you in life? The answer to this question is called your values. Once you identify all of your values – all the things you care about, choose your “Reset 10″ – a list of your TOP 10 values from your list.

  1. Happiness
  2. Friendship
  3. Companionship
  4. Life experiences
  5. Spirituality
  6. Growth
  7. Truthfulness
  8. Transparency
  9. Health
  10. Self-esteem

Day 4: Envision Your Values in Action

Part 1: Am I Currently Living Out My Values?
Now that you’re clear on what you really care about, you want to compare your values to how you’re currently living your life. For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10″, rate yourself from 1-10 on how you feel you’re acting out that particular value in your life. Be honest with yourself.

Part 2: What Do My Values Look Like in Action?
For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10″, list out at least three actions that you currently take or that you should be taking in order to honor and fulfill that value in your life.

1. Happiness [6]
My happiness fluctuates with whatever I’m going through and I’d like
to be more stable with that. I want to be able to be genuinely happy
come what may.
Action: practice positive thinking; use affirmative words; drown out negativity

2. Friendship [7]
To have good friends you have to be one. I’d say I’m a good friend but
I’ve fallen off on those that have been there from the beginning. New
friendships are forming and I’m in a limbo place right now.
Action: reach out more instead of waiting on them to say something;
interact more; be more concerned

3. Companionship [3]
One of the things I value the most and can’t seem to live without, I
suck at the most. I need a break.
Action: learn that its give and take not my way or the highway; listen;

4. Life experiences [10]
Whether it is a good or bad result, I will always have a lesson to
learn from my experiences.
Action: think before acting; evaluate

5. Spirituality [5]
I need to learn to depend on God all the time, not when it’s convenient.
Action: talking to him through earnest prayer; open his book and read;
talk to someone about him

6. Growth [8]
This goes alongside life experiences. It’s different only in result.
What changed?
Action: continue to seek knowledge and closure when necessary

7. Truthfulness [8]
For the most part, I tell the truth. I usually lie to myself, about myself.
Action: write out what about myself I don’t like and why and make small changes

8. Transparency [9]
I consider myself an open book.
Action: I reveal in order to help another.

9. Health [4]
I don’t eat the way I should. I know of the health risks but I ignore them.
Action: read ingredients until I’m blue in the face and no longer want
a particular food

10. Self-esteem [7]
I know I’m pretty on the outside but I’ve let some things make me ugly
on the inside.
Action: words of affirmation; mentoring those with these issues

“Aha” moment: I do hold my values up well but I think too much about them. I’m doing good but it takes too much work to get there. Not natural. I don’t like to fail. I’m too hard on myself.

Day 5: Write a Personal Mission Statement

Values + Values in Action = Personal Mission Statement

I value the most basic of things. My life is an embodiment of experiences. I am a student to life and my desire is to share those experiences to empower young girls. In using my transparency to help others, I help myself and grow. No longer will I let my past control me and my fate or future. My present will be filled with love and happiness and a balanced life. Change is inevitable and there are some things I cannot change because they are out of my control. I will not dwell on them but embrace and push forward. I will always be true to myself and accept all of my flaws. As we enter into a new year, I will continue to see the good in the world and in people and have compassion on others.

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