Reset your life: day 7

I reeeeeally loved this exercise because I’m a huge dreamer. I love to imagine what my future life will be like. But sometimes it’s scary because I don’t want to speak certain things into existence. Not everything I imagine is what’s best for me. Or things may not go according to MY plan.

Day 7: Write Your Ideal Life Narrative

Your ideal life narrative is basically you telling a story about the life you want for yourself. It answers questions like:

  • What are you doing on a daily basis in your ideal life?
  • Who are you spending your time with?
  • How are you earning your living?
  • Where are you living?
  • How are you spending your leisure time?

I am living in Silver Springs, Maryland. I share my spacious three bedroom home in the burbs with my hubby/boothang, our plethora of fish, our surprise bundle of joy (emphasis on surprise) and oh yea, our two adopted chunky monkey boys. I am a PTA board member and soccer/baseball mom. My sons seem to think that they must participate in every activity.

Taking care of home is of most importance to me, especially in the child rearing years of my sons. With that being said, I have a personal chef named Tony who keeps me up to speed with all the latest dishes. He knows I love a good meal. I’m the best sous chef in the world. He makes sure that my family eats a well-balanced organic diet. And Maria. Sweet, sweet Maria. She makes sure my house stays nice and tidy. (Don’t judge my stereotype). With a house full of testosterone, you can imagine it getting dirty pretty quickly.

My second love after my family is my passion, my work, my life’s purpose. I work for a non-profit agency mentoring young girls and helping them reach their full potential. I love my job and the flexibility it allows me to do my other jobs. I travel for speaking engagements at various schools. I also speak to students on sexual awareness and making sure they know how to protect themselves. This is near and dear to my heart.

I also have a photography side hustle. I am a travel blogger. I love to visually document all the places that I visit every year. I travel internationally for vacation twice a year to study different cultures. I visit Haiti (the homeland of my parents) once a year to connect with my roots and give back to the community where I can.

Back in Maryland, I enjoy throwing different themed parties to keep my friends on their toes. They know very well of my socialite fascination. When we are not busy vacationing, we’re visiting family for special occasions.

On my spare time, my me time, I enjoy participating in weekly dance lessons, Pilates and keep up my garden of fruit, vegetables and flowers. All part of my Zen theme. Eating healthy and working out are important to me due to a family history of heart disease and diabetes. To keep me sane amongst the hustle and bustle of life, I meditate and read the scriptures to connect with God. I also spend time with nature to remind me of His presence all around me. I am living a fulfilling and deeply satisfying life.

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