Bald as a south african beauty

Hair has never been a top priority for me. It was never a big deal for me to snip, cut, curl, braid, weave, bump or trim my hair. It’s hair. It’ll grow back. No big deal. I’ve seriously done it all (well except for a texturizer and locs). But there was one hair style I’ve always wanted to try but too afraid to do: go bald, Amber Rose style.

fresh off the barber chair 11.16.10

It never occurred to me that all my hair changes had anything to do with my lifestyle. Really, why do I change my hair so often? And why do I make a drastic change whenever I go through something? New man? New do. Job change? New do. Vacation? New do. Frustration with life? New do. It’s like I take out all of my emotions through my hair.

I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations no no
I am not my hair
I ma not this skin
I am a soul that lives within

Thanks to my tweep Mademoiselle Mitchell’s post about her big chop and a FB friend, I finally decided that this was the final step in my hair journey. I’ve been toying with the idea of chopping it all the way off since the beginning of the year. Each time, I ended up settling for a hairstyle that had less permanent results.

Good hair means curls and waves
Bad hair means you look like a slave
At the turn of the century
Its time for us to redefine who we be

Everyone keeps telling me I’m so brave but why? What’s so hard about cutting your hair off? It’ll grow back. I feel extremely liberated knowing that I Am Not My Hair (India Arie). It made me realize how our images of ourselves have become distorted based on our hair. We give it so much power over our identity. I must admit, I was pretty scared. I’ve never had it that low before and for a brief moment, I wondered whether men would find me attractive. Surprisingly, the men dug it. So do men care half as much about our hair as we do? If not, why do we torture ourselves with believing hair makes us beautiful? Which leads me to believe that our issues with hair have nothing to do with men but with our own insecurities. I’m more confident now because I chopped it all off.

Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?
Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? Oooh
Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?
I am expressing my creativity..

Cutting my hair this low has been the best hair decision I’ve made thus far. Whether my hair is long, short, relaxed, braided, wavy or straight, my hair will never define who I am inside.

The transition over the years:


7 thoughts on “Bald as a south african beauty

  1. I think so long as YOU are comfortable with the look you’re rocking, it will read that way to others. Confidence is so underrated. That is also what men are attracted to, its not the hair, its how you wear it that makes them interested. I find versatility refreshing. I love your new ‘do!

  2. Awesome! And I agree completely. Hair is just an accessory intended to be manipulated and changed to suit whatever moment we happen to be having. Now with that said, I have to admit that I haven’t gotten over the idea that I could never rock short hair because of the shape of my large head 🙂 But I hope to one day eliminate that limiting thinking from my mind!!! You look gorgeous with all your hairstyles. Keep recreating your look when you feel like it. I love that!

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