Style Spotlight: Michelle Obama

Haven’t done one of these in a while. What a way to come back than with our absolutely graceful first lady, Michelle Obama. Almost two years into her challenging new position, she still stands as the back bone of the family. Here are the 8 things I love about Michelle Obama.

1.  She is an involved mother to her children and to other children.


2.  She plays the supportive and loving role to her husband and president. She gives him something to love and cherish. She has his back no matter what.


3.  She is involved in the community (humanitarian) .

4.  She wears elegant dresses.


5.  She’s wears short shorts!


6.   She is a leader and role model for women everywhere.


7.  She is a career woman of her own.


8.  She carries herself with GRACE and ELEGANCE, and that makes her a natural beauty.

2 thoughts on “Style Spotlight: Michelle Obama

  1. She is the truth! So sincere! Hell, she inspires me. When I get my Michelle Obama I am never letting go. LOL! I think sometimes people forget the things the 1st Lady does and gets to do behind the scenes for the country. She embodies and is a great representative for our nation and black women everywhere.

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