Weekend at a glance #9

11.12.10 My dear friend Sarah is leaving to head back across the pond. Very proud of you for venturing so far for your studies all by yourself! GO GIRL!

I was feelin a lil gray all over

11.13.10 Thai Tweet Up

My new favorite twin hosted her Thai Tweet Up at Thai Fusion. I wish there was more time to taste all the goodies on the affordable menu. I had a great time meeting new people and socializing.

Props to the sponsors from our gift bags, Aveeno and Softcup (I have no use for that!)

Me and @SwarthyDaisy                                              @wordofmouthatl @helloLT @writesalot

11.13.10 Cocktail Cupcakes 1 Year Anniversary

The OMG Booth has got to be one of the coolest ideas ever. Kudos. Celebrating the one year anniversary of Cocktail Cupcakes by Brittany Wyatt. Me and the ladies: @writesalot, @helloLT and @wordofmouthatl again.

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