Random ramblings

A few posts ago I talked about a twenty one day challenge that I’m participating in. This really should be a journal entry but I’d rather share with the world.

This challenge is…challenging. Yes, I like challenges but this one is doing the most! I was so hyped in the beginning but five days later and I’m side-eyeing it really hard. Why do I have to hug someone everyday or laugh seven times a day? What if there isn’t anything funny? I don’t like hugging! And you don’t want me to hug you by force. It doesn’t feel good. And that goes with doing anything by force. It has to be natural.

Leave it to me to add more thing to an already lengthy list. No clubbing. No alcohol. No cursing. No secular music. Which I really don’t mind. By not doing these alone, I feel absolutely AMAZING! I feel like going to church everyday. I just want to praise and say thank you because I’m just so freaking blessed. I have nothing and it’s more than enough. I can’t even describe the feeling because I don’t think anyone would understand. I knew that I was never alone but to really know that the Holy Spirit is always with you and to FEEL that is well, amazing. Lol.

Back to the challenge. I really haven’t been trying and I’m disappointed in myself because of that. So as soon as I finish this post and get out of my car and head into my apartment, I’m gonna start writing out some motivating quotes on note cards that I can memorize and carry me through. Please share what you do/say/chant to get you through your challenging times.

I think that’s all I want to stop by and say. Thanks for listening. Have an awesome evening. šŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Random ramblings

  1. something i just became atune to today…just as we love and accept others, we must love and accept ourselves. You may make a mistake, oh well it happened, move forward. Plus, you don’t have to go to church to praise šŸ™‚

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