30 days of truth: day twenty-four

Day 24 → Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

Oh this is easy. I’ll chose all the songs I listened to this weekend. Shout out to artists that make great music, btw.

If you look up the lyrics to these songs or happen to know them already, you might realize they all have a sad/mellow theme. That’s just how I feel about love right now. Very up and down. Optimistic yet not expecting or interested.

  1. Something’s Missing (Acapella)–Brandy
  2. Sailing–Avant (originally sung by Christopher Cross)
  3. The Fact Is–Jill Scott
  4. My Heart–Tank
  5. Don’t Change–Musiq
  6. Stupid Little Things–Robin Thicke
  7. I Miss My Friend–Mario
  8. Gravity–Sara Bareilles
  9. Our Love is Easy–Melody Gardot
  10. What Hurts the Most–Rascal Flatts
  11. Say You’ll Go–Janelle Monae
  12. I Can’t Make You Love Me–Boys II Men (originally sung by Bonnie Rait)
  13. Dreaming with a Broken Heart–John Mayer
  14. Giving Everything Away For Free–Daniel Merriweather (but I like the version a girl from youtube did)

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