30 days of truth: day twenty-three

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

I wish I would have pursued dance. One of the many things I wanted to be growing up was a ballerina. I love the agility of dancers. They are able to express emotions though their fluid movements.

I took a jazz dance class sophomore year of college and it was so much fun. It reminded me why I love The Alivn Ailey American Dance Theater. With dance, you don’t hold back how you’re feeling. Sometimes there aren’t any words to describe some emotions. They can only be interpreted.

Maybe one day when I have time, I can take some classes.

Definitely look up The Alvin Ailey performance calendar and see when they will be in your town next. They will be performing in Atlanta at the Fox Theatre February 10-13 2011.

PSA: Support the Arts in our schools!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “30 days of truth: day twenty-three

  1. Oh I LOVE to dance Luce! I started dancing when I was a little girl but not for long. I then picked it back up a couple years ago and started dancing at church. It is so freeing to dance. At church I completely lose myself in my praise. When I got married I joined my husband’s church and then as you know we moved to the other side of the WORLD!!! I danced in my living room yesterday and it was so amazing. It reminded me of how I miss dancing for Him. I hope to take some classes as well because I want to learn so much more….

    Enough of my rambling

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