Beautiful flower

I randomly googled beauty and all I got were images of women partly naked are faces full of makeup. When we think of beauty, it is usually associated with a physical attribute. When I think of beauty, it usually never has to do with the way someone looks. Sometimes beauty is not even about a look, but an action.

Beauty in my eyes:

  • isn’t forced
  • is pure
  • is honest
  • doesn’t have a size or color
  • cannot be bought
  • is innocent
  • truly comes from within
  • is timeless

There are so many of our young girls dealing with low self esteem that need to hear these things. Make a difference in a young girl’s life who is and could possibly deal with low self esteem. Join the Dove Movement. Send her a message of hope. Although the Dove Self Esteem weekend just past, the movement continues. Show your support and get involved. Don’t let our girls down.

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