30 days of truth: day eighteen

Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

Well well well, hello topic. First I must say that I live in ATLANTA. That should say enough but if it doesn’t, I suppose I shall clarify. I might get some backlash on this but….it’s how I feel.

To be honest, I’m torn on this subject. I wrote some stuff and just back spaced because it sounded so hypocritical and “un-christian like”. It’s contradicting to Biblical beliefs but I can’t help but to look at it from a human standpoint. With that being said, I do not see why two consenting adults who love each but happen to be gay, cannot be married.

First let’s talk about marriage and what it’s suppose to symbolize. From the beginning of time, it was a legal union between a man and a woman before God and man. It meant two people decided that they will love and cherish each other forever. Forsaking all others and being totally committed to each other. Fast forward to today and we now have gay couples who want to have the same rights as straight couples when it comes to this legal union. They want to have the same tax exemptions, the same benefits, the same recognition. So if no crime is being committed, what is the problem?

If taken from a Biblical standpoint, we must acknowledge the first union was in the Bible with Adam and Eve. It is clear that the Bible is against homosexuality so I can only assume that it is also against same sex marriage. But when we think of marriage, it is not just about being with a man or a woman, it is a partnership. I have a hard time believing that two gay people who love each other just as much as two straight people will be treated differently because of what seems natural to them. When did true love have boundaries? How can you change how you feel? Why should you change how you feel to make society happy? If I had a gay family member, I would not turn away from them because they were gay. I would love my family member, regardless.

Is homosexuality a sin according to the Bible, yes. But does God not love the sinner? And is one sin greater than the other? Are we called to make this decision? I’m not so sure. I just feel if two people love each other and aren’t harming anyone, why can’t they be happy and get the same benefits as the rest of the straight people in the world? Let God deal with their souls.

2 thoughts on “30 days of truth: day eighteen

  1. Sigh…as Christians, we love to point fingers and judge people. The Bible does not call us to make ourselves seem better than others. Or rank their sin greater than our own. We’re all the same.

    I can admonish someone, letting them know hey, this is not right according to the Bible (if they even believe in God’s Word) but what I learned at church on Sunday is grace and truth come hand in hand. Give them the truth but also tell them that God’s grace is sufficient.

    Again, I’m probably contradicting myself but I’m human and I believe in the human right to be happy. Where do we draw the line? I don’t know.

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