Lower than the angels

A few years ago I wrote a list of what I wanted from a man. This list consisted of all the qualities he needed to have in order to be in the race for me. I think I stopped at fifty bullet points. Ridiculous now that I think about it. And if I ever find it in my stash of papers,I’ll post it.

Now that I’ve had a little bit more experience and time to evaluate the kind of men I’ve had in the past, I realize that my list only consists of one thing that I want in a man: humility. Of course it’s not the only thing I want but that is what was lacking from the men in my past and what I really desired from them.

When I think about a humble man, the perfect example that comes to mind is….well, Jesus. I know you’re thinking whoa whoa whoa whoa sister! You’ll never find a man like Him. Well, not in the exact sense. But a man like him, I believe I can. When Jesus was off from His day job, and was just chillin with His homies the disciples, how did he treat the people he encountered on the streets? (Mark 5:25-34). When Jesus was tempted, how did He react (Mat 4:1-11)? I suppose you can say that these are super grandiose actions but only because of the man who was doing them. But replace it with a regular man today. I want my man to act with kindness towards others. To be good to everyone, even those unlike him (Luke 19: 2-9). Not to boast of his good works but be grateful for the skill he was given (Phil 2: 3-8). To think twice about hurting those that hurt him.

Jesus was a humble man. He was made lower than the angels, the Bible says. I’d like a man who knows he’s not worthy of all that he is given. A man who is modest and sweet…he’s a keeper.

Sigh…I’ll wait.

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