Sometimes I cry

I saw Eric Benet’s latest video on two different friends pages on Facebook the other day. I love the song but I don’t think I really listened to the lyrics until I watched the video. All I can think of is his relationship with Halle Barry and how he messed up. We can only assume that he did something wrong, which is why the girl is happily with someone new and he is left being tormented by thoughts of her.

One, I love Eric Benet’s voice. That man can sing. Two, I just like the idea that there are some men out there that  do hurt and realize they lost a good one. Heck, it really made you cry. MAN UP! No, I’m kidding. 🙂

My question is, why don’t a lot of men admit that they’ve been hurt? Wouldn’t it make relationships in the future easier? Is it so bad to be that vulnerable?

But sometimes I cry, babe
Been at all that hurtin
For a long, long time (yes, I have babe)
Sometimes I cry, babe
Ain’t nothin workin
For this pain of mine

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I cry

  1. As a man, its hard to be vulnerable. If we show/express emotion we are labeled as weak and emasculated by society and women whereas if we don’t express any emotions at all we are criticized as being emotionally unavailable. Its a lose-lose situation. How much vulnerability is is proper for a man to show without being labeled as weak? We can’t win with this one! Thats just how I feel.


  2. Vulnearability is not a sign of weakness, especially not to the people you love and truly trust. You have to have those two things in order to be vulnerable. We can’t let society dictate how we live our lives although I know it’s hard. But who’s opinion really matters? The chic you’re in love with or society? If two people can’t be vulnerable with each other, than who can they be that with? It could be a reason men don’t fall in love easily. What do you think?

    Love, women 🙂

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