6 thoughts on “Black & brown together?

  1. i used to loathe seeing people in brown and black. growing up w/classic dressing, conservative mother, i was always told that the two don’t mix. fast forward to my individualistic adult self and i will rock black and brown any day, anywhere. there is a fine line between being fashionable and tacky with the two colors, but it’s hard to define that line. so i say, test, try, fail, succeed and see what works for you. personally, black attire (esp all black everything) works well w/nutmeg or taupe colored brown accessories and shoes.

  2. I used to hate the idea of black/brown together (and black/navy since we’re on the subject)..


    Lately, I’ve loved how they look. I actually love the outfit in your pic all together (and, if I wasn’t nervous to wear leggings as pant… i’d be jocking :)!! The juxtopostion of the colors and the idea being bold enough to pull off a fashion faux pas have secretly begun to make my heart smile. I’ve been wearing a leather studded bold shoulder jacket + oversized fringe cognac clutch for days now. I also have a taupe clutch that I usually wear everyday of my life regardless of what I have one.

    I think it looks good together and have gotten compliments soooo I say black + brown can work!!

    • Lol!!!! Cognac! You ladies are killing me with these precise colors.

      Can someone find me a Hennessy brown?

      And yes about navy and black!!! They are two close yet noticeably distinct. It’s like a nuisance. Ugh.

      You betta wear them leggings with an oversized shirt girl! Can you believe I pulled it and wore that to work?! Lawd!

      I wanna see the taupe everyday bag!!!

  3. nutmeg is totally a color u nerd lol!!! i have a few browns in the nutmeg/cognac/woodbury fam. honestly, i got the names from cole haan, when i used to work there. doo doo brown is a lil harder, but i saw a girl on campus today rockin em out. i was a lil jealz. but the boots you have on above aren’t of the doo doo persuasion…i’m talking tar baby choco-la-ta-te brown. that color doesn’t always blend well w/black. especially if the brown is ashy. and yes, leather can be ashy.

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