30 days of truth: day nine

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

I don’t think I have any of those. But the one I can think from the top of my head (only because she so kindly comments on all of my 30 day posts lol) is my friend Edwine. We used to be very tight in high school. One third of the “’03 sistas” crew. Good ole “Crazy E”. I still have all the letters and notes we used to write. Oh the “troubles” we had in high school. Mom is getting on my nerves. Boys are stupid. It’s finals! Ahhhh! Smh.

Seven years after high school graduation and we’re not as tight as we once were but she’ll always be one of my sisters. You know you just have some folks in your life that it doesn’t matter that you don’t talk all the time, they’ll always have your back. She’s one of those people. Love ya chica.

edwine and i

2 thoughts on “30 days of truth: day nine


    O.K. so some one I didn’t want to let go but drifted…..hhhmmmm….
    I would pick my cousin Emmana. This is actually very sad for me.When my cousin came from haiti, I thought it was cool to have a little girl cousin around. She was 5 at the time so for me she was a baby. However, a little later in my life I was tought to treat her wrong.
    Well later on I start to understand that she was being treated wrong. So I started to stand up for her. I ALWAYS got in trouble for standing up for her. Til this day, I get grief for standing up for her.
    And to be honest with you, I never saw her as a cousin. She was and will be always my little sister ( teary eyes…fight back).
    Love her VERY Much.

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