First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for reading my blog! I see that I am now past 5,000 views. So cool. It’s like the more that I write, the more that you guys read. I’m so thankful for that.

It makes posting so worthwhile when someone I didn’t even know was reading tells me that they look forward to my posts or that they are proud of me. Not exactly sure why but it puts a huge smile on my face. You never know who is watching so always do good work!

Just a few updates:

1. I will continue the posts on different days as I have the time. Some take more time to write, believe it or not. But you’re being entertained by my 30 days of truth, right?!?! I’ll be back on my regular schedule once I get a hold on all the changes going on. But please, search through my archived posts and read on!

2. I just started interning with Glamour Gone Good. I follow them on Twitter (GREAT networking source, by the way) and saw a tweet about an internship for someone who loves fashion, beauty and a good cause. THAT’S ME! I will be posting and tweeting  about the organization on my blog and frequently and that blog page. So make sure you’re reading and subscribing for good causes!

3. For updates on me and/or stalking (choose your poison wisely), I’m always on Twitter. Also, follow Glamour Gone Good’s twitter page.

4. Don’t forget to “like” my fan page on Facebook for updates.

5. Most importantly, SUBSCRIBE! I promise I won’t spam you. You can do this via email subscription or RSS. Both are located to the right of my page under my picture.

6. I love love love that you all are reading but don’t forget to leave some feedback or dialogue. I don’t know it all and I’d love it when I hear you voice your opinions, comments and concerns. Let’s just be respectful and know that it is ok to agree to disagree. We’re different for a reason and that makes us all unique.

That’s all I have for now. I love the direction that God is taking me in. I’m not even sure where I’m going but it’s in His hands.

Have a great weekend,


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